We use Tajima and Barudan embroidery equipment in various configurations to sew your orders. Our machines range from single-head models to 12-head models. This allows our manufacturing team flexibility when it comes to sewing large or small runs. We use our 6-head machines to sew 48 units or less – or your typical golf order. Our 8- and 12-head machines are utilized for collegiate work and retail orders that are typically long-run orders: 288 units or larger. Possessing these machine configurations allows us to scale up or down to accommodate your needs and makes us flexible and efficient.

Embroidery quality is paramount. We use several techniques to produce quality embroidered products for our customers. The most important component of quality embroidery is proper hooping. We have purchased the latest in hooping technology to insure that your garments are hooped properly with the right amount of tension on the fabric. This allows the stitches to penetrate the fabric in a manner that does not cause “gathering” or “puckering.”

Also, we use the proper type and amount of backing to insure quality embroidery. If we are embroidering dark garments we use black backing, because if you use white backing it shows through the garment and produces a billboard affect behind the design. If we are sewing on sheer garments we use translucent backing for the same reason. All pique polos are sewn with solvy. Solvy keeps the stitches from falling into the weave of pique and creating the dreaded “saw tooth” appearance that we have all seen on pique polos.

All of these steps cost extra money in the production process, but we do not pass this cost onto our customers. We feel it is a small price to pay for quality.