Graphic Services

Your own art department without the sunk costs.

Our on staff artists bring over 30 years of industry specific experience to the table. You can have confidence we’ll create art for your next branded apparel project that not only looks good, but also reproduces well accross your product choices.

We are ready to produce one of a kind graphics for screen print and embroidery applications, as well as help with any other design needs you may have. Bring us your basic concepts, or cut us loose to offer unique creative solutions.

No matter what the occasion, from a family reunion to a nationwide event, our team can handle all of your art needs.

Laser’s promise is to make you look good.

Toward that end we offer a full complement of Graphic Art and Graphic Design Services.

These are resources you can use to your advantage to help deliver successful orders.

Please take just a moment to review the services we provide and the pricing structure below.

Graphic Art Services - Linked to an existing PO

A) Graphics – Set-up 1 business day

When provided with finalized “production friendly” art

  • Defined as “vector files” or “high resolution (>299dpi) raster (pixel based) files created to scale”,


B) Graphics – Set-up 1 business day $40/hr. with a 1/2 hour minimum
When provided with solid conceptual art
  • Rework of an art to make it production ready
  • Rework of supplied art due to errors on the part of the originator
  • Taking straightforward concepts to production art (no existing art for an existing PO).Can be communicated visually or spell it out for us.
Graphic Design Services – Requires a separate PO

Spec Graphics – 1 business day
$40/hr. with a ½ hr. minimum

Straightforward concepts or reworks (no existing production ready art or associated PO), Can be communicated visually or detail it in an email.

Original Art – 3 business days
(depending on complexity)
$65/hr. with a ½ hr. minimum

We’ll create a new concept art for you from scratch.

Logo Design – 3 business days
$130/hr. for 2 initial concepts

We can help you define the image you show the world.

After initial charge, time is billed in half hour increments.

Mock-Ups – 1 business day
1st mock-up (per style per graphic) FREE

When you need a stronger visual communication tool.
Please keep these parameters in mind and be concise with your requests. We’ll need:

  1. Garment Style(s)
  2. Garment Color(s)
  3. Design Reference(s)
  4. Design Location(s)
  5. Design Color(s)
Additional mock-ups and revisions to mock-ups are charged at $5/mock-up.

Mock-ups requiring the application of Graphic Art services for their creation or revision will revert to $40/hr. ½ hr. minimum with the above mock-up charges then applied. 

Mockups requiring the application of Graphic Design services for their creation or revision will revert to $65/hr. ½ hr. minimum with the above mock-up charges then applied.

Customizable Graphics

Designs below are to showcase classic graphic layouts that can be modified to incorporate your logos, colors, graphics and typographical elements. Use them as springboards for your projects or contact us for one of a kind creations.

You can also customize designs from hundreds of templates, and even complete your order in our custom studio.


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