What kind of art is needed for screen-printing and embroidery?

Screen Print
For the best results, please send us Adobe Illustrator files, vector based and in PDF, EPS or AI format, with all fonts converted to outlines. If you must send us a rasterized (pixel based) image such as a jpeg, bmp, or tif please make sure that the file is at least 300dpi at the size the art is to be produced. Also, a raster file such as a screen or web capture pasted into a AI file does not make it a vector. The bottom line is vectors can be scaled up or down infinitely with no detail loss, whereas rasterized images lose definition exponentially when scaled up. If you have additional questions please ask to speak to our graphics department.

Rasters are fine for embroidery, however resolution maters in terms of the digitizer being able to see and reproduce fine details. A file at actual production size at 144dpi or greater is preferred.

Where should I send my art files?
Please email your art files to art@laserapparel.com. If your art file is over 5MB, please save it to a box account and email your CSR a link to retrieve it.

What is a base? What is Flashing?

The Base
A Base is a layer of white ink that is used as a foundation for printing on dark garments. Typically polyester garments require two bases. prior to the white base, a Migration Blocker is laid down to prevent the garments heated dye gasses from discoloring the top colors, especially white ink on jewel toned garments.

The Flash
Flashing gels a base or other ink color with heat. This locks the base so it can act as a color hold out layer. It also prevents a color from being picked up and diminished by subsequent screens in the printing process.

NOTE: Laser never charges for bases or flashes.

What are your minimum orders?
Our minimum order for print is 24 pieces
Our minimum order for embroidery is 24 pieces

What are your general delivery times?
Our art department requires 48-hours. Once you approve your artwork, please allow 3-production days (excluding weekends) for orders of 1,000 pieces or less. If your order is larger than 1,000 pieces we will quote a production time for you.